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Viking Pavement Services offers precise line striping and pavement marking for parking lots. To alleviate traffic confusion and your business liabilities we provide experienced expertise on handling all restriping or over striping for faded parking lots. Line Striping and pavement marking maximizes parking capacities, improves traffic flow, and enhances curb appeal for your business. We handle all line-striping needs. Our experts will provide recommendations and handle all parking lot lay-outs and markings. 




New parking lot layouts                                                                                                        
Curb painting
Over-striping of faded lines
Handicap logos
Traffic arrows

Parking stall numbers
Other markings - "No Parking", "Reserved", "Fire Lane" Letters
Many Others


Benefits/ Considerations:


Optimal Space

The more cars a business can fit in, the better.


Smooth Traffic Flow

Customers do not want to feel like they have entered a maze when they come into a facilities parking lot.  Attractive, nicely colored and placed lines/markings will ensure a smooth traffic flow.

Designated Parking

Before a pavement strip/line goes down, it is important to make sure that the space follows ADA Guidelines (Does the need to be handicaps?  fire lanes?  spaces for designated people?


Are you in compliance with ADA guidelines?


Viking Pavement Services can inspect and install all necessary line striping and signage to ensure your compliance with the ADA. Our striping crews are always up to date with all of the current changes in the law. The ADA has established that every facility covered by Title III have at least one handicap parking place. After that, it has determined that a specified number of handicap space be included for each set number of regular parking stalls.

Each parking lot must have at least one parking stall accessible to vans. If the lot has more than eight spaces, it needs to have at least one van-accessible space for every eight handicap-accessible parking stalls.

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