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"Asphalt Pavement Maintenance 101"

Pavement maintenance contractors are not the only people who understand the importance of aesthetically pleasing and well-preserved pavement. Municipal/government management, property managers, business people and visiting customers, and the general public know it as well.  It is, however, usually only the contractor who understands that the best way to maintain pavement is with an effective pavement maintenance plan. 


Pavement maintenance plans can vary in scope, but they never vary in their purpose: to increase pavement life.  A proper pavement maintenance program includes crack filling, pothole repair, sealcoating, and many other surface applications, depending on the condition of the pavement.  It should also include sweeping and periodic line striping.




"Asphalt Pavement Preservation"

As is generally known, it is much more cost effective, in the long term, to maintain a physical asset at a high level of service than it is to allow the condition to deteriorate and then have to completely rehabilitate or reconstruct the asset.How do you preserve your pavements at a high level as longas possible, delaying rehabilitation?




"The Seal Coating Gypsies"

Many reputable asphalt contractors must compete with "The Sealcoating Gypsies", the fly-by-night companies who come through a town offering quick work at low prices. These companies often use low-quality material as well as untrained labor. They spray black water on driveways and then quickly get out of town. They know how to take advantage of owners of single-family homes. Don't let them take advantage of you!




"Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Asphalt Sealers"

Pavement Sealers have been used successfully for around 60 years. Recently, environmental activists have claimed that pavement sealers are only used for cosmetic reasons, but this trivializes the important role that sealers play in pavement maintenance. The benefits of sealers are best illustrated through examining the life cycle of asphalt pavement and the import.



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