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Asphalt Patching & Repair:


In low areas and certain areas, it may be possible to perform a surface repair commonly known as "skin patching" or surface patch. This procedure should only be used after assessing the area to be patched and to make certain that the new patch will not interfere with drainage. Otherwise Saw-cutting or Infrared Procedure should be used and considered. We will provide recommendations on your asphalt repair options.


Saw Cutting:


When asphalt is not maintained, it allows for the primary deterrents to asphalt to damage the asphalt causing surface cracks, holes and deteriorating asphalt to damage the sub-grade which leads to more surface damage. When this happens the asphalt should be removed and replaced.

We will neatly saw cut the area to be fixed with a sufficient depth of new hot asphalt excavate the patch area and remove any sub-grade material not suited for sufficient base. Removal of excavated asphalt and materials. Compact the existing and new DGA base to ensure a proper foundation for repair.  Apply a hot tack coat to all edges to ensure the proper binding of the old and new asphalt.  Apply new hot asphalt into the area for compaction using vibrator

rollers and tampers.

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