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Infrared is a great alternative to conserve and repair asphalt. Infrared heats asphalt to create a seamless like repair, blending the new and pre-existing asphalt together. This allows, both new and old asphalt to bond together for a durable and lasting repair.  A Viking Pavement Services expert will identify and evaluate current condition of asphalt areas, to determine if infrared remedy would be the best solution. 




Pot Hole Repair

Bird Baths & Depressions
Manhole Adjustments
Cracked or Alligator Areas (depending on cause,base condition)
Asphalt Ramping
Blending new and old asphalt (seamless)
Low Areas

High Areas (affecting water run off, drainage)




Creates a seamless patch that will prevent water to sub base through seams

Conserve Asphalt

Create and or repair  water run-off

Cost effective​




1. The Infrared unit is lowered down to the pavement repair area.
2. The Infrared heat penetrates the top existing asphalt layer.
3. The softened asphalt is raked and removed.
4. Fresh hot asphalt is added with the original pavement.
5. The edges are rolled to bond the new asphalt with the old pavement, and the area is rolled and compacted.
6. The area becomes a seamless repair with the original pavement.

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